France Amb: Peru on track for OECD accession

LIMA, PERÚ-JUNIO 05. Entrevista al Embajador de Francia en el Perú Fabrice Mauries. Foto: ANDINA/Dante Zegarra.

LIMA, PERÚ-JUNIO 05. Entrevista al Embajador de Francia en el Perú Fabrice Mauries. Foto: ANDINA/Dante Zegarra.

12:59 | Lima, Jun. 6.

Speaking on the occasion of Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski's first meeting with recently-elected counterpart Emmanuel Macron, French Ambassador to Lima Fabrice Mauriès addressed progress made and challenges ahead in bilateral terms.

The diplomat affirmed said visit —slated for Thursday, May 8— comes at a very good time in Peru-France relations.

"We are proud and satisfied with President Kuczynski's choice of France as his first European Union destination," the Ambassador told El Peruano official gazette. 

While unable to anticipate the agenda, Mauriès highlighted the audience would be Mr. Macron's first meeting with a Latin American leader, thus proving an opportunity to understand and gain insight into the region's issues. 

Peru - OECD

Regarding President Kuczynski's coming participation at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD2017 International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean, the Ambassador underscored Peru's efforts to join the major bloc. 

In this respect, he affirmed the statesman's presence in France will also serve to promote and present the Inca nation's growth achievements, as well as pending matters and other issues. 

Similarly, the foreign affairs official assured Peru is "well on track" towards OECD accession, a major goal prioritized by the Kuczynski administration.  

"We see clear mobilization of [State] Ministries to identify subjects to work on and increase OECD accession chances." 

Trade and investments

As for Peru and France's economic relation, Mauriès explained that, although it did not grow as much as expected in recent years, ties saw major successes in terms of commerce and investments. 

In the case of the former, he noted Peru-France bilateral trade "totaled close to US$900 million in 2016," but warned said 8% rise "is still not enough."
Regarding the latter, the Ambassador underlined greater progress was made in investments, and particularly in the energy sector with the presence of Engie (electric power), Perenco (hydrocarbons) and Vinci (transport).

In addition, Mauriès observed, French enterprises have expressed a clear interest in investing more in the Andean country, whether in government projects or in those transferred by different owners. 

In this sense, he anticipated French companies would likely engage in some of the infrastructure ventures that will change hands in the wake of the Lava Jato case

Lastly, the French official affirmed his country is ready to respond to Peru's infrastructure investment needs as part of its post-disaster reconstruction process


Published: 6/6/2017
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