Obama urges youth to get ready to find solutions to urgent issues

Obama exhorta a jóvenes a prepararse para encontrar soluciones a problemas más urgentes

Obama exhorta a jóvenes a prepararse para encontrar soluciones a problemas más urgentes

15:21 | Lima, Nov. 19.

U.S. Leader Barack Obama today encouraged young people in the Americas to keep working and get prepared, so the future can contribute to find solutions to the most urgent problems faced by current societies.

During the meeting held with youngsters under the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) at Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in Lima, the U.S. Head of State deemed necessary for young people to build a new generation of leaders to confront serious problems like climate change, poverty, exclusion, among others.

Mr. Obama recalled he will leave the White House soon, and committed to keep supporting young people to work towards their goals. He also told them he and the Government of the United States will be an ally in that effort.


This afternoon, the President participated in a Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) town hall with 1000 youngsters.

This event celebrates the inaugural class of YLAI Fellows and the growing YLAI Network across Latin America and the Caribbean.

President Obama announced YLAI in 2015 on the margins of the Summit of the Americas to support an emerging generation of leaders across the hemisphere as they work to drive economic growth, entrepreneurship, and find innovative solutions to challenges faced across communities and sectors.

Over 50 percent of the world's population is under the age of 30, representing a demographic that will be called upon to navigate a myriad of complex global challenges in an increasingly interconnected world.

Through YLAI, the United States is investing in the next generation of Latin American and Caribbean leaders, and has committed significant resources to enhance leadership skills, bolster entrepreneurship, and connect young leaders with one another, the United States, and the American people.


Published: 11/19/2016