China is Peru's biggest trade partner

LIMA PERÚ, AGOSTO 26. Con la presencia de Zhang Lihong, Presidenta del Consejo Chino para la promocion de Comercio Internacional Hebei se lanza la X Cumbre Empresarial China - América Latina. Foto: ANDINA/Melina Mejía

16:24 | Lima, Aug. 26.

China has become Peru's biggest trading partner, with investment exceeding US$14.00 billion, the Chinese Embassy in Peru reported.

"Peru-China bilateral relations have seen steady development in the last few years, with mutual high-level visits on a regular basis. Thus, cooperation has expanded unceasingly," Economic and Commercial Counsellor Hao Qinmei stated.

The official highlighted China's status as Peru's biggest trading partner and main investor. 

"Peru is the only Latin country holding an integral strategic relationship with China, and is also among the few nations to have [signed] a FTA with our country," the official added.

In 2016, bilateral trade reached US$7.257 billion: Peruvian exports totaled US$3.362 billion, whereas imports amounted to US$3.895 billion.

"Besides, Chinese investments in Peru currently exceed US$14.00 billion," she pointed out.

Peru: model for development 

The Chinese counsellor also underlined Peru's economic growth, pointing out it has become a model for Latin America. 

"Peru's new government puts a lot of emphasis of economic development and infrastructure strengthening [through investment projects]," she noted. 

Thus, the current economic climate should become a new opportunity for businessmen to seek new forms of cooperation and increasing development, she added. 


Published: 8/26/2016
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