Peru Hass avocado expected to enter other markets

Palta Hass. Foto: Andina

Palta Hass. Foto: Andina

17:43 | Lima, Sep. 13.

Peruvian Hass avocado, well-known for its high quality, is expected to enter countries Argentina, Mexico and India in the upcoming months after having overcome phytosanity obstacles, the head of Hass Avocado Producers’ Association (ProHass) James Bosworth affirmed.

With regard to world’s largest exporter Mexico, a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) currently in force allows Peru to supply the country with an 8,000 tonne quota per year.

According to Bosworth, Peru does not constitute a competitor for Mexico when it comes to world markets.
On the contrary, they are "complementary markets."  Whenever Peru produces large amounts of avocados, production in Mexico is on the lowest curve, he indicated.

Hass avocado exports could exceed 165,000 metric tons by the end of 2015, which would turn Peru into the world’s second largest exporter, said Bosworth weeks ago.

World Congress

In this framework, Lima has become the venue for the 8th World Avocado Congress on September 13-18, 2015.


Published: 9/13/2015
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