Vargas Llosa, Garcia Marquez works to be translated into Quechua

Los escritores Mario Vargas llosa y Gabriel García Márquez. Foto: ANDINA/ / Web

Los escritores Mario Vargas llosa y Gabriel García Márquez. Foto: ANDINA/ / Web

10:31 | Cusco, Aug. 28.

The literary works of Nobel Laureates Mario Vargas Llosa and Gabriel Garcia Marquez will be translated into Quechua as part of the dissemination proposal “Latin American Literature Classics in Quechua” of the Decentralized Directorate of Culture of Cusco (DDCC).

Book titles have not been announced yet; however, it has been said that books from renowned writers Adolfo Bioy Casares (Argentina), Juan Carlos Onetti Borges (Uruguay) and Clarice Lispector (Brazil) will be edited, too.

In statements to Andina news agency, Cusco writer and DDCC official Luis Nieto Degregori explained that two nationally recognized translators are in charge of the translation and the publication would be released in November by a local daily.

He said copyrights were granted thanks to a Spanish literary agency, whose procedures have lasted more than a year. "This could only be because this is the first translation into a native Latin American language, in this case, Quechua."

“These publications in native languages give greater recognition to Cusco and speakers; the translations definitely provide a symbolic value to Quechua, and speakers must stop feeling embarrassed when speaking the language. Nowadays, speaking Quechua leads to discrimination, and we have to change that,” Nieto pointed out.

This is not the first time a literary work is translated into Quechua in Cusco. One of the previous projects is the translation of Don Quixote by Demetrio Tupacyupanqui.

Furthermore, tale and poetry contests have been organized in coordination with the Regional Government of Cusco, and the publication of the Huachipaeri dictionary should be noted, too.


Published: 8/28/2015