Humala’s participation in EU-CELAC summit favors Peru’s image to draw investments

Conferencia del presidente Ollanta Humala con Prensa Extranjera.Foto: ANDINA/Prensa Presidencia

Conferencia del presidente Ollanta Humala con Prensa Extranjera.Foto: ANDINA/Prensa Presidencia

16:04 | Lima, Jun. 09.

The European Union (EU) Ambassador to Peru Irene Horejs noted that President Humala’s participation in the Summit of the European Union and the Community of Latin America and Caribbean States (EU-CELAC) –to be held in Brussels on June 10-11– will reinforce the favorable image of Peru to attract investments.

“That’s for sure, we consider Peru is a stable and developing country […] with very responsible macroeconomic policies adopted over the last decade,” she told Andina news agency.

She said that over 50% of investment in Peru comes from Europe, and that many European companies are present in the country.

“Europe is very interested in continuing its investment in Peru and encouraging Peruvian businesses to export and invest in Europe,” she underlined.

Peru has a very predictable investment and trade framework, thanks to the trade agreement with the European Union, and has move forward towards the fight against poverty.

“Peru has developed public policies that have successfully lowered poverty and extreme poverty incidence numbers; however, the challenge remains to combat poverty,” she added.

Horejs also noted the EU-CELAC summit, held every two years, represents one of the great political moments in the history of both blocs.

“Various sectors from both continents are taking part in the event, including businessmen, civil society, congress members, and academics; it (the summit) will come to an end after the presidential meeting in Brussels [scheduled for June 10-11],” she explained.

She said the European Union and Latin America are the two most economically integrated blocs in the world, which enjoy very strong trade and investment relations.

“We don’t see it because we are used to it […] it is time to reflect on everything that unites us, which is quite strong,” she indicated.

The EU Ambassador pointed out that President Humala’s presence [in the summit] is very significant to address a common agenda between the two blocs.

“We hail the fact that President Humala will be able to attend such event, it is important for presidents from both continents to get together, because, the agenda is focused on debating, among other things, some global challenges,” she continued.

She also noted that the European Union and CELAC bring together 61 countries that share many values and account for one-third of the United Nations' member States. 

“We are talking about 61 nations that have a very similar view of the world problems, and for this reason the presidential debate on global policies is very important,” she pointed out.


Published: 6/9/2015
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