Peru Defense Minister condemns alleged espionage case

LIMA PERÚ, FEBRERO 19. El Ministro de Defensa, Pedro Cateriano, ofrece conferencia de prensa, por el caso de los marinos que habrían brindado información clasificada a países extranjeros. Foto: ANDINA/Melina Mejía

15:13 | Lima, Feb. 19.

The Peruvian Minister of Defense, Pedro Cateriano, condemned today an alleged espionage case, involving members of the Peruvian Navy, for Chile.

Cateriano demanded a “final and severe” sanction for Navy personnel involved, if liabilities are proved. 

“This is a condemnable act. It is shameful that non-commissioned officers of the Armed Forces may have contributed to this kind of information leak […] We urge the Military Justice to act fast. If [corresponding] liabilities are proved, it must impose effective penalties with the utmost severity,” he told.

During a press conference, Minister Cateriano added this administration demands "firmness," and a pureand “fair” “application of law.”

Accompanied by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Claudio de La Puente, and High Military Commanders, the Minister rejected to provide further details of the act “because those are subject to a reserved investigation.”

Nonetheless, three cases are under investigation, he affirmed.

According to Cateriano, last April (2014) the Peruvian Navy took cognizance of an alleged information leak by some non-commissioned officers of the Peruvian Navy.

“Immediately, the Procurator of the Peruvian Navy was instructed to file the corresponding complaint,” he underlined.

The complaint against the non-commissioned officers Johnny Philco Borja (July 30, 2014) and Alfredo Dominguez Raffo (October 17, 2014) were made.

“It must be noted there is currently a third case under investigation. The government, at all times, has complied with what was established on the Constitution and according to Law. The case is currently under investigation at the Military Court,” he pointed out.

The Minister referred the third alleged leak may have occurred during the past government administration, as well.

The non-commissioned officer Philco leak may have occurred between the years 2005 and 2012. The non-commissioned officer Dominguez leak may have happened between the years 2011 and 2012.

The Military Justice will be the authority in charge of establishing corresponding liabilities.

Cateriano highlighted the current administration, headed by President Ollanta Humala, has undertaken all possible efforts to strengthen ties with Chile.

The aforementioned work, according to the Defense Minister, has been carried out through the Ministries of Foreign Affairs & Defense.

“The compliance of the execution of the International Court of Justice’s ruling set an example, on an international level, of how two countries, which had a [maritime] dispute, managed to solve their differences through the unrestricted respect to what was established by the International Public Law,” he reminded.

The Minister also reaffirmed Peru's "vocation for peace".


Published: 2/19/2015
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