Volcano in southern Peru prompts mass evacuation



14:55 | Lima, Apr. 17.

Peruvian authorities have ordered the preventative evacuation of 4,000 people living near the Ubinas volcano, which has been spouting ash clouds up to 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) high.
The Andean nation's Agriculture Minister Juan Benites said it will take three days beginning Thursday to move the residents of two southern districts and their 30,000 sheep, cows, horses, burros and other animals, AP reported.

Peru's most active volcano started erupted a massive ash cloud Tuesday (April 15), prompting an evacuation of Querapi near the volcano because of falling ash starting today.

The Ollanta Humala's administration declared a state of emergency in nearby provinces, which will provide financial assistance for those affected by eruption of the Ubinas volcano, in southern Peru's Arequipa region.

The estimated 14,750-foot-tall (4,500 meters) ash cloud is the latest in an ongoing series of small eruptions at Ubinas, according to INGEMMET, the national geologic, mining and metallurgical institute. 

According to livescience, the volcano's activity increased this week, with several small to moderate explosions and ash clouds since Sunday, the agency said in a statement.

Ubinas is about 756 kilometers (470 miles) southeast of the nation's capital Lima. A major eruption in 2006 forced the evacuation of thousands of nearby residents and killed livestock that ate ash-coated grass.


Published: 4/17/2014
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