Eco-friendly creations in limelight at Peru Fashion Night

Peru Fashion Night in New York City.

Peru Fashion Night in New York City.

09:16 | Lima, Mar. 06.

The just held Peru Fashion Night in New York City 2014 highlighted eco-friendly Peruvian textile creations, woven in the traditional way, of several talented sustainable designers from the South American country.

With a primary aim to highlight the sustainable status of delicate alpaca fibres, derived from the llama lookalike camelid found in the Andes, the event showcased collections from designers and weavers belonging to regions like Cusco and Arequipa, reported.

Attended by trade agents, designers, retailers and American entrepreneurs, the event showcased modern pieces made entirely using natural dyes as well as Peru’s ancient ancestral methods and manual techniques, which do not cause water, soil and air pollution.

Emerging designer, architect and artist Grethel Sierra Gonzales, from the San Antonio Abad University of Cusco, showcased his environment-friendly collection at the event alongside designer Jenny Duarte who featured a contemporary re-interpretation of pre-Columbian embroidery and textures through her vibrant organic creations, designed in collaboration with Peruvian artisans.

According to the website, fashion brand Anntarah’s designer Jessica Rodriguez also displayed her fine alpaca fibre made garments at the event. Based in the Arequipa region, Anntarah specialises in sustainable weaving and spinning methods.

The company employs around 750 families, residing in the hilly region. Also names like Andrea Bocchio, Evelyn Brooks and Anthony Rosa from GSEA Fashion Group presented their Fall/Winter 2014 collections, made from Peruvian alpaca and Pima cotton, at the soiree.


Published: 3/6/2014