Peru to attend bimonthly BIS meeting of central bank governors

15:33 | Lima, Dec. 30 (ANDINA).

The president of Peru’s Central Reserve Bank (BCRP), Julio Velarde, will attend the bi-monthly meeting of Governors of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which will take place in Basel, Switzerland, on 8–9 January 2013.
The meeting will be attended by presidents of the central banks of America, Europe, Asia and Africa to expose and discuss monetary policy, international economic prospects, and issues of special interest to central banks.

As part of that gathering, Velarde also will participate in the seminar "Sovereign Risk, A world without risk-free assets?”.

The BIS Governors meet bi-monthly to monitor global economic and financial developments and to discuss problems of monetary and financial stability, financial market supervision and the management of central banks.

Peru’s Central Reserve Bank is a BIS member by arrangement approved at the BIS annual meeting of June 26, 2011.

The BIS was established on 17 May 1930, and is the world's oldest international financial organization.

By a Board’s resolution of the Bank published on Saturday morning, it is authorized Velarde’s trip for the mentioned event.


Published: 12/30/2012