World Bank: Positive effects of Peru's social programs based on evidence

15:37 | Lima, Nov. 12.

The World Bank has noted that the effectiveness of social programs —administered by the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis) in favor of the most vulnerable populations in Peru— is a benchmark for countries in Latin America and other regions around the world.

According to the international organization, such effectiveness is based on evidence —a tool that offers important advantages for the design and implementation of public policies.

Livia Benavides —Manager at World Bank's Human Development Program for Andean Countries— said that evidence ensures effectiveness and positive impact regarding the technical assistance and financing provided by the international finance organization for the execution of public policies in the Inca country.

"Midis is an institution that was created on the basis of evidence-based practices. Therefore, the implementation of social programs is based on previous evidence, and that's how they are gradually shaped," the expert said.

"We've had the opportunity to collaborate with the ministry to ensure that it can count on technical assistance to carry out its programs. Besides, the publication and dissemination of evaluations on its website is key because this provides transparency of the work performed; plus, knowledge is shared so that others can learn from their work," she added.

For her part, Development and Social Inclusion Minister Ariela Luna said that "evidence is essential to implement any public policy; we cannot design anything without it. And our institution —along with others—  are setting an example to the world as they have proved that it is possible to create evidence among academia, non-governmental organizations, ministries, and other entities."


Published: 11/12/2019
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