What do rap and Incas have in common? Cusco teacher puts them together for class in Peru

11:14 | Canchis (Cusco region), Jul. 4.

Juan Quispe, a 31-year-old teacher from Cusco, found a winning formula to captivate and capture the attention of his high-school students. He played Inca Pachacutec, a ruler of the Tahuantinsuyo Empire, and created a rap song to teach them about the Incas via social networks in times of coronavirus.

The location he chose to explain the process of the Inca culture was the rooftop of his house, situated in San Jeronimo district, which affords a view of the Inti (sun), the tutelary apus (guardian deities in the form of mountains) Huanacaure, Ausangate, and Pachatusan, as well as the impressive snow-capped Salkantay.

Quispe is a native of Canchis province, located in Cusco region.

"The 'Inca Rap' was created as a result of the popularity of urban music in these times and, using rap tracks, I performed the song to attract the attention of students from Newton and Galileo schools," he told Andina news agency.

In addition, the teacher uses Facebook and TikTok, among other tools, for his dynamic classes, which are gaining more and more followers.

"I have played more than 30 characters throughout eight years of work, and among the most prominent are Inca Pachacutec, Tupac Amaru II, Miguel Grau, Francisco Pizarro, Jose Olaya," he expressed.

Quispe not only teaches in this city, but also travels to remote communities in Cusco to teach in Quechua using a method that only a few teachers use.

"I am struggling to get an opportunity to work at a public school. I do social work during my trips to remote towns in the region, without the help or support of any institution," he said, adding that the pandemic has greatly affected teachers. 

"We also go through difficult times," he commented.

The educator disclosed that he will use Huayno and Quechua as part of his virtual material so that the upcoming classes are infused with cultural value and identity.


Published: 7/4/2020
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