U.S. will contribute additional US$8 million to anti-drugs fight in Peru

Photo: United States Embassy in Peru

Photo: United States Embassy in Peru

18:08 | Lima, Jan. 4.

United States Ambassador to Peru Lisa Kenna on Wednesday announced that the U.S. Government will provide an additional US$8 million for the Special Project for the Control and Reduction of Coca Cultivation in Upper Huallaga (CORAH) to support its 2023 eradication activities.

This additional support complements the annual contribution of $5 million.

Similarly, it will allow CORAH to continue its illegal-coca eradication efforts during the first quarter of the current year

"In 2023, the United States will provide an additional $8 million to reduce coca cultivation and create licit economic opportunities," the U.S. diplomat said in a video shared on Twitter.

"We work with Peru to combat the effects of drug trafficking. We know how it (drug trafficking) impacts everyone and destroys the environment. We hope that Peru can continue with success in 2023. Thank you very much!" she concluded.

The Peruvian Ministry of Interior (Mininter) closed 2022 having eradicated 21,627.68 hectares of illegal coca leaf crops in five Peruvian regions.

Said results were achieved by CORAH personnel, the Peruvian government agency reported last month.

The projected annual goal for last year had been set at 18,000 hectares.


Published: 1/4/2023