U.S. Secretary of State's first visit to Peru in 1972 (Photo Gallery)

10:54 | Lima, Feb. 5.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson —President Trump's principal foreign policy adviser— got his first passport when he visited Peru back in 1972.

The photo gallery above gives a glimpse of his visit along with members of the University of Texas musical band.

The pictures show Tillerson and his mates upon arrival in the Peruvian capital as part of a special mission trip to help raise money following the devastating 1970 earthquake that hit the Andean nation.

Rex Tillerson was one of the percussionists at the University of Texas Longhorn Band.

They managed to raise US$15,000 —a considerable sum in those days— and even played a well-known polka song "Peru Campeon" (Peru, the Champion) at one of their public events.

His visit to the Inca country was covered by the national press, as seen on Nueva Cronica clippings below.


Published: 2/5/2018
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