UN willing to support Peruvian Govt's Zero Hunger Program

Resident Coordinator of the United Nations (UN) in Peru Igor Garafulic.

Resident Coordinator of the United Nations (UN) in Peru Igor Garafulic.

09:42 | Lima, Nov. 22.

Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Peru Igor Garafulic on Sunday affirmed that the international organization is willing to support the Government's Zero Hunger Program announced by President Francisco Sagasti.

According to Garafulic, the United Nations —through the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)— has experience in agricultural policies and —through the World Food Programme (WFP)— works with the regional government and local communities in Ancash to achieve food security.

He also mentioned the Food Strengthening Program, which supports the country in its fight to reduce anemia.

"All these programs work and are at the disposal of the Government led by President Francisco Sagasti," he told Andina news agency.

In his inauguration speech, President Sagasti announced that he will promote the Zero Hunger Program and, to do so, he will convene a National Agreement meeting to discuss agricultural policies.

Moreover, Garafulic stated that the UN is committed to doing everything possible to support the conduct of general elections on April 11, 2021, so that they are held successfully and result in an orderly transfer of power.

He explained that the UN does not conduct electoral observation —a task that is performed by the Organization of American States (OAS)— but maintains cooperation with national electoral bodies, by providing communication consultancy or operational support for electoral observation activities.

The United Nations is made up of 18 cooperation agencies and, as stated by Garafulic, it will continue to support the socioeconomic recovery plan initiated with different ministries and the Safe Return-to-School Plan that is being implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

"The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), of the International Organization for Migration, worked with migrants in Peru. We plan to give it continuity because it is important to regularize the situation of migrants and thus contribute to the country's development," he said.


Published: 11/22/2020
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