UN will provide assistance to Peru after oil spill

Photo: ANDINA/vi

Photo: ANDINA/vi

14:17 | Lima, Jan. 21.

The United Nations (UN) on Friday announced that it will provide assistance to Peru following the oil spill which affects Lima's beaches in Ventanilla, Santa Rosa, Ancon, and other districts.

The group of experts will be arriving in Peru in the coming days with the mission of conducting a rapid assessment of the socio-environmental impact and providing advice to local authorities on response coordination and management. 

Likewise, the UN will propose effective actions so as to reduce the risk of future disasters in the country.

The Peruvian Government requested technical support from the United Nations to assess the impact and response measures to face the tragic oil spill following the huge waves caused by the eruption of an underwater volcano off Tonga, in Oceania.

Given this, the organization immediately activated the emergency care protocols so as to make technical support available to the Government through a mission of experts in environmental disasters.

The United Nations System in Peru reiterated its commitment to continue supporting the Peruvian Government and people in this environmental emergency situation.

Oil spill

After meeting with Repsol representatives, Environment Minister Ruben Ramirez pointed out that around 6,000 barrels of oil were spilled.

The oil slick has spread along the coast of Ventanilla, reaching Ancon and Chancay, where a negative impact on marine flora and fauna is registered.


Published: 1/21/2022
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