UK donates ventilators for Peru's COVID-19 patients

Photo: Twitter/Ministry of Health of Peru

Photo: Twitter/Ministry of Health of Peru

11:37 | Lima, Feb. 19.

The Peruvian Ministry of Health on Friday received a donation of 60 mechanical and 40 multi-parameter ventilators from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This donation exceeded US$700,000.

The equipment will be destined for various hospitals nationwide where critical and moderate patients affected by COVID-19 are being treated.

Health Minister Oscar Ugarte thanked the UK for this gesture of solidarity.

"We appreciate this donation for the value it has in saving lives. Likewise, I want to emphasize that the collaboration from the United Kingdom to the Peruvian health system is historical and very friendly," he said.

In turn, Prime Minister Violeta Bermudez expressed gratitude for this act of solidarity.

"These equipment will be put into operation as soon as possible so that the health system can rely on this valuable resource soon," she stressed.

For her part, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Kate Harrisson, emphasized that the only way to overcome this pandemic is by allowing countries to stand united.

"I hope that this donation helps save lives and facilitates the effort made by the thousands of health professionals in Peru," the diplomat concluded.


Published: 2/19/2021
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