Reading in the Cloud, a unique online proposal to discover Chinese literary works

19:53 | Lima, Jun. 16.

The international literary event "Reading in the Cloud" —held by China International Publishing Group (CIPG)— offered a series of virtual readings, including "Myths and Legends of China," which was jointly edited by China Ilustrada and Editora Peru.

The literary work was read by China Ilustrada Director Yu Jiutao and Editora Peru Editor-in-Chief Felix Paz. Both read a chapter in Chinese and Spanish, respectively.

The event brought together directors of seven publishing houses under the China International Publishing Group (CIPG), which produce foreign-language editions: New World Press, Sinolingua, New Star Press, China Ilustrada, Dolphin Books, and Blossom Press.

They were joined by directors of renowned publishing groups from Poland, Belarus, Lebanon, Japan, North Macedonia, and Spain.

Foreign Languages Press President Xu Bu and Adam Marszalek Publishing House President Adam Marszalek read paragraphs of the first volume of "Xi Jinping: The governance and administration of China," both in Chinese and Polish.

For their part, New World Press President Li Chunkai and General Manager of Shans Book's Belarusian subsidiary Maryna Liubarskaya read —both in Chinese and Russian— wonderful paragraphs of "Unique Landscape (Zhe Bian Feng Jing)," a work published by both publishing houses.

Other outstanding works read at the event included "Home Sweet Home," "My Uncle Zhou Enlai," and "The Hedgehog and the Tiger."

The event, held on April 23, was a favorable opportunity for participants to express solidarity in the global fight against COVID-19.


Published: 6/16/2020
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