PromPeru: Expo 2020 Dubai is unique opportunity to boost regions' economy

Photo: ANDINA/Carla Patiño Ramírez

Photo: ANDINA/Carla Patiño Ramírez

12:12 | Dubai (UAE), Mar. 7.

Expo 2020 Dubai is a unique opportunity to showcase products from the main Peruvian regions and boost the economy through commercial platforms, as well as diversify our goods around the world, said Amora Carbajal —Executive-President of Peru's Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru).

In remarks to Andina news Agency, the official stated that the trade-related mission, at this important international event, is to expand and consolidate the presence of Peruvian offer in the Middle East, taking into account that the United Arab Emirates are strategic to enter the Persian Gulf markets.

"The Expo 2020 Dubai Universal Exhibition is a meeting point for the global economic reactivation process, and our presence on this international stage represents a unique opportunity to boost the economy of various regions of Peru," she pointed out.

The executive-president added that participation at this international event enables PromPeru to strengthen the positioning of our country brand (Marca Peru), as well as expand opportunities for business investment, exports, and tourism.

The Peru Pavilion opened its doors at this international exhibition to promote, diversify, and expand the Peruvian offer in the United Arab Emirates.

"The national participation in Expo 2020 Dubai is in line with the interests of the Peruvian Government: to achieve sustainable and decentralized tourism, as well as foreign trade that translates into benefits and opportunities for all Peruvians," she stressed.

Along these lines, the official commented that Expo 2020 Dubai will end on March 31, thus completing six months of hard work, having showcased the best of Peru's biological and cultural diversity, including the Peruvian Andes, coast, jungle, and sea.

Carbajal also highlighted that the United Arab Emirates and Peru are working together to strengthen their economic cooperation and bilateral relations so as to make the most of both countries' capacities in the search for the development of their populations.

In this sense, she stated that the return of in-person business missions will be a milestone for Peru's economic reactivation.

"Trade relations between Peru and the United Arab Emirates are at their best: in 2021, Peruvian exports to the Arab country grew 12.4% compared to 2020," Carbajal stressed.

"Among the Peruvian products that reach the Emirati market, we rely on pomegranates, avocados, mangoes, grapes, quinoa, chia, and coffee," she specified.

The PromPeru representative emphasized that trade with the United Arab Emirates flows from various Peruvian regions, and it allows boosting the comprehensive development of both peoples.


Published: 3/7/2022