PromPeru and ECLAC train coffee and cacao producers on new European regulations

Photo: PromPeru

Photo: PromPeru

16:00 | Lima, Oct. 25.

In a joint effort to enhance sustainability and the continuity of international trade, the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Export and Tourism (PromPeru), through its Sustainable Culture strategy, and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), conducted workshops for coffee and cacao producers in the towns of Jaen in Cajamarca region and Quillabamba in Cusco region.

The workshops, held on October 6 and 11, respectively, brought together over 70 representatives of producer organizations to explore the challenges and opportunities associated with the new European Union regulations on deforestation-free products.

The focus of these workshops was to provide detailed knowledge about the new European Union regulations to prevent the marketing of products associated with deforestation and forest degradation in the EU market, with an 18-month deadline to comply with this regulation. 

Additionally, it aimed to promote discussion on specific challenges in the supply chain and encourage the exchange of experiences among participants.

"The work carried out between PromPeru and ECLAC focuses on implementing sustainability to enhance the competitiveness of Peruvian products. Today, those who are sustainable and can demonstrate it are in a better position to enter international markets," commented Ximena Olmos, an ECLAC consultant responsible for conducting the workshops.

In June 2023, the European Parliament approved the regulation, which establishes the requirement to meet zero-deforestation criteria for products such as coffee, and cacao, among others, marketed in its territory. 

To comply, it is necessary to have a georeferencing and traceability system, as well as to provide a due diligence statement certifying that these products have been produced in accordance with the country's legislation.

"It is crucial to ensure that our producers align with international standards and market expectations. We are dedicated to strengthening their capacities and ensuring that our offerings are not only competitive but also sustainable and environmentally friendly," PromPeru Executive-President Angelica Matsuda stated.

PromPeru, through these and future initiatives, reaffirms its commitment to local producers and the promotion of sustainable practices in the export sector, allowing for active and competitive participation in international markets while preserving the country's biodiversity.


Published: 10/25/2023