Peruvians set to elect regional and local authorities today

00:00 | Lima, Oct. 7.

More than 23 million Peruvians are expected to turn out at polling stations today —starting 08:00 AM— to take part in regional and local elections.


According to the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE), 12,966 authorities in 25 regions, 196 provinces, and 1,875 districts will be chosen for four-year terms.

It should be noted a second round will be held —only at regional level— if no candidate receives 30% or more of the votes.

Altogether 80,940 polling stations are expected to be set up across the Inca country. 

As electoral members get set early in the morning, 23,375,001 voters will make their way to their polling place to participate in this democratic event. 


Published: 10/7/2018