Peruvian rewarded for major contribution to technology

10:55 | Geneva (Switzerland), Apr. 27.

Peruvian engineer Walter Sanchez Moyna was rewarded for his valuable scientific contribution to innovation and technology at the Century International Quality Era Awards.

"Receiving this award constitutes the recognition of all these years of work, as well as an incentive to continue developing quality technologies from Peru, my land and my inspiration, to the world," Sanchez expressed.

The Peruvian engineer was awarded the gold trophy for "Excellence, Leadership, Quality, and Technological Innovation."

This prize was presented by the Business Initiative Directions (BID), an entity that recognizes the contribution —of companies and individuals— to the development of science and technology throughout the world.

In this sense, Sanchez and his team were rewarded for the design of two softwares: DLT-CAD and DIRED-CAD.

Both systems allow a better accuracy in the development of projects aimed at expanding the electricity network. Also, they help optimize the works' execution times by over 80% and reduce more than 60% of their costs.

Sanchez is an electrical and electronic engineer graduated from Peru's National University of Engineering (UNI) and founder of ABS Ingenieros company.

It must be noted that systems —like those developed by Sanchez— are traditionally designed in developed countries such as the United States.

"My dream is to continue illuminating more people's lives. We will continue improving and perfecting our designs, which already rely on certifications required by the European and International community," he concluded.


Published: 4/27/2018
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