Peruvian exports total US$7.388 billion in Jan-Feb 2021

10:58 | Lima, Apr. 2.

Peruvian exports amounted to US$7.388 billion in the first two-month period of 2021, up 3.5% compared to the same period last year, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) reported on Friday.

It should be noted that, only in February, shipments totaled US$3.565 billion, a 4.5% rise over the same month in 2020.

Meanwhile, non-traditional sales grew 15.3% to US$1.169 billion in such month.

"I would like to highlight the performance of non-traditional exports. They increased for the seventh month in a row, which clearly shows the important performance of the country's export sector despite the COVID-19 pandemic," said Minister Claudia Cornejo, the head of Mincetur.

Peru's most dynamic sector was fishing —both traditional and non-traditional— which went up 117.7% in February and 81.1% in the first two-month period of 2021, with sales of fish meal and fish oil (218,1% in February and 141,1% in January-February) standing out.

Likewise, exports of scallops rose 80.3% in February and 76.5% between January and February, while sales of giant squid expanded 52.2% and 41.2% in the same time periods.

On the other hand, agro-exports —both traditional and non-traditional— posted an outstanding growth of 17.3% in the second month of the year and saw cumulative growth of 13% in the January-February period. 

Worth of note was the growth in exports of grapes, whose campaign ends in March-April. Grape exports grew 47.9% in February and 27.7% in the first two-month period of 2021.


Published: 4/2/2021
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