Peruvian exports to EU exceed US$2.5 billion in 2015's first half

Exportaciones Callao Puerto Contenedores

Exportaciones Callao Puerto Contenedores

08:02 | Lima, Aug. 10

In the first half of the year, Peruvian exports to the European Union (EU) totaled US$2.517 billion, Peru’s Exporters Association (ADEX) announced.

According to the ADEX Data Trade Business Intelligence System, non-traditional exports amounted to US$1.089 billion. In this sense agro-exports (worth US$664.9 million) boosted the sector by having led to increasing sales by 4.2%.

Demands for avocados, mangos, asparagus, cocoa beans, bananas, grapes, quinoa, passion fruit juice, lemon rind, piquillo peppers, tangerines, tomato seeds, watermelon seeds, cocoa butter and tare powder stood out.

According to the Economic Studies Management at ADEX, agro-exports account for 26.4% of the non-traditional shipments to the European bloc.

On the other hand, traditional exports totaled US$1.419 billion.

The value-added subsectors, which displayed positive results, were the metallurgical (9.5%) and the wood industries (20%). 

According to ADEX Data Trade intelligence Commerce System, Spain became the main target for Peruvian products (US$660.5 million) in the Janauary-June period.

Copper, natural gas, zinc, squid, giant squid, avocados, tin, asparagus and piquillo peppers were highly demanded.

Other destinations were the Netherlands (US$393.8 million), Germany (US$382.9 million), Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Bulgaria, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Estonia and Poland, among others.


Published: 8/10/2015