Peruvian economy up 2.62% in June 2019

10:36 | Lima, Aug. 15.

Peru's national production grew 2.62% in June this year, thus accumulating 119 months of continuous growth, the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) reported Thursday.

This outcome surpassed the figure projected by Reuters (2.57%). 

According to INEI's National Production Technical Report, the country's economic activity posted an increase of 1.73% between January and June 2019 and of 2.68% in the last 12-month period (July 2018-June 2019).

June's outcome was underpinned by the positive evolution of household consumption thanks to higher retail sales (2.91%) and consumer loans (11.52%).

Likewise, a greater external demand for non-traditional products contributed to this result. 

In this sense, farming, fishing, textile, chemical, and non-metallic mining goods stood out. 

Furthermore, the construction, trade, telecommunications, as well as transport, storage, and communications sectors contributed nearly 55% to the total outcome in June. 

However, the farming and mining-hydrocarbon segments registered decreases. 


Published: 8/15/2019
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