Peruvian Ambassador officially presents Peruvian Hello Kitty campaign in Japan

16:02 | Tokyo (Japan), Jun. 7.

Peruvian Ambassador to Japan Harold Forsyth has officially launched the Peruvian Hello Kitty Campaign in Tokyo.

On this occasion, Sanrio's iconic character was wearing the South American country's typical clothing in order to reach younger Japanese audiences and diversify the tourist offer. 

During Hello Kitty's presentation to the Asian nation's press, attendees tasted Peruvian food

Likewise, Ambassador Forsyth underlined the Andean country's importance as a tourist destination, due to Japanese tourists' high level of expenditure.

Furthermore, he pointed out the majority of Japanese visitors are retired people.

Moreover, PromPeru representatives Jennifer Pizarro —Asian-Pacific Markets Coordinator— and Magali Rodriguez —Japanese Market specialist— explained the participants how the Peruvian Hello Kitty will promote the Inca country on digital platforms thanks to the creation of a website.

In addition, the campaign will be present in social media such as Instagram and Line in order to cover a market of younger people.

Japanese tourists

Japanese tourists are linked to cultural, art, and traditional tourism. They interact with locals and value their work, as well as appreciate Peru's biodiversity and fauna. 

On average, they stay six nights in the Inca country. Plus, each visitor spends US$1,848, being Lima, Cusco, Ica, Puno, and Arequipa regions their main destinations.


Published: 6/7/2019
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