Peru's private business associations call for confidence rebuilding

Centro Financiero San Isidro Javier Prado

Centro Financiero San Isidro Javier Prado

12:16 | Lima, Dec. 22.

The National Confederation of Private Business Associations (Confiep) urged Peru's political class to work together to defend the country's sustainability, following a frustrated impeachment attempt against President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

As is known, Congress on Thursday night rejected an impeachment motion that sought to oust President Kuczynski, after a long debate held at Parliament headquarters.  

"Democracy has won. It's time to start a new chapter in our country and to rebuild the lost confidence while fighting corruption, which is so harmful to all Peruvians," Confiep stated. 

To that effect, the organization called for calm and tolerance. "We cannot divide [the country] or incite differences."

"We need to work together to defend institutions, governance and sustainability in our country," it emphasized.

Private investment

Confiep President Roque Benavides said 80% of investment is private, hence the importance of creating adequate conditions to promote it.

"Investment has to be promoted and we need to provide the best conditions for doing so; that is, we need to bring legal, political and economic stability, which is key," the group of private associations told RPP radio and TV news station.


Published: 12/22/2017
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