Peru's President: Gov't in final negotiations to secure COVID-19 vaccines for everyone

20:53 | Lima, Feb. 28.

The President of the Republic Francisco Sagasti on Sunday night affirmed that the Government is in final negotiations with international laboratories to secure COVID-19 vaccines for all Peruvian citizens residing in the country.

The Head of State noted that he has confidence in the health sector's ability to strengthen the vaccination process, adding that it has experience in this type of procedures, so the immunization of citizens is possible.

"Up to now, we have signed a contract with Pfizer for 20 million (COVID-19 vaccine) doses, with AstraZeneca for 14,040,000 doses, we have inked a preliminary agreement with COVAX (Facility) for 13.2 million, and we have a million doses of the Sinopharm vaccine here, bringing the total to 48,241,000 doses so far," he pointed out.

The Head of State remarked that a second batch of the Sinopharm vaccine —consisting of 37 million doses— is being negotiated. 

Likewise, the country is negotiating with Johnson & Johnson for 5 million doses and has reached initial deals with the Gamaleya Institute of Russia for 10 million vaccines.

"If it materializes, and we are just one or two weeks away from reaching the second contract with Sinopharm for 37 million, if we sign such contract, we will get vaccines for all Peruvians. We are in final negotiations," he pointed out.

With respect to logistics associated with the vaccination, President Sagasti highlighted that there are vaccinators committed to taking the lead in this process.

The Peruvian leader commented that open spaces such as stadiums, parking lots, and plazas can be used for mass vaccination. Additionally, pharmacists and other health professionals may be invited to collaborate in this process.

Remarks were made on Sunday night during an interview with Cuarto Poder TV show.


Published: 2/28/2021
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