Peru's PM meets with Cajamarca legislators

Photo: PCM

Photo: PCM

09:00 | Lima, May. 4.

Peruvian Prime Minister Violeta Bermudez and Defense Minister Nuria Esparch held a working meeting with legislators from Cajamarca region to discuss the necessary actions to cope with the health emergency.

In a statement on its Twitter account, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) said that the meeting was intended to coordinate actions within the framework of the health emergency and the vaccination process.

The event —held on Monday at the PCM headquarters— included the participation of Congress Chairwoman and Cajamarca legislator Mirtha Vasquez.

Earlier in the day, the Cabinet chief closed the ceremony that recognized 44 policewomen for their outstanding work in the exercise of their duties, fighting COVID-19 on the front line, on the occasion of Police Woman Day.

"We pay tribute to the female police officers who carry out their work with commitment in such a challenging field. Especially to the 44 policewomen who are receiving this recognition today on behalf of more than 25,000 women serving in this institution," she said.


Published: 5/4/2021
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