Peru's new tourism campaign will steal your heart

Photo: Peruvian Commission for Promotion of Export and Tourism (PromPeru)

Photo: Peruvian Commission for Promotion of Export and Tourism (PromPeru)

09:24 | Lima, Jun. 6.

The My Peru Story campaign will capture your imagination with a spellbinding short film about four Korean influencers who go on an adventure across the country to discover the most recognizable and stunning scenery of Peru.

The influencers' journey uncovers top scenic places in Peru: the relaxing vibe of Lima with lots of picturesque spots and some of the best restaurants of the world, the reddish sand of Paracas contrasting sharply with brown cliffs and blue oceans, and the massive sand dunes surrounding the desert oasis of Huacachina.

Other places include the floating islands of Uros in the highest navigable lake of the world, Titicaca; bucket-list destination and UNESCO world-heritage site, Machu Picchu; among other places where they bond with local people. 

The short film was directed by Hyunwoo Nam from Mother Media with the participation of the Korean influencers Kim Ikkyun, Han Seungju, Lee Seunga, and Shin Seulgi.

It aims to create an emotional connection between audience and influencers as they uncover the nature and culture of Peru, a country that possesses both beauty and tranquility but also adventure and mystique.

After a challenging time around the world, the colorful and warmth campaign will stand out in what is a highly competitive international tourism market and will steal the heart of Koreans. 

My Peru Story is a joyful and authentic Peruvian invitation to the Korean people.

"Peru's diversity is immense and inviting; our people are always kind and cheerful. We want you to come to Peru and create your own myPERUstory," reads the invitation.

The campaign will be online until Thursday, 29 June in order to remind Korean travelers what is unique and special about Peru, the best place to take a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

Information provided by the Peruvian Commission for Promotion of Export and Tourism (PromPeru).


Published: 6/6/2023