Peru's Milena Warthon: I totally let go and left the pressure while in Viña del Mar

Photo: ANDINA/Ricardo Cuba

Photo: ANDINA/Ricardo Cuba

10:30 | Lima, Feb. 26.

Peruvian artist Milena Warthon —a Gaviota de Plata (Silver Seagull) winner at Chile's Viña del Mar music festival— recalled that she had totally let go and left the pressures at the folklore competition while singing "Warmisitay" a couple of days ago at the event.

Outside Lima's International Jorge Chavez Airport on Saturday, the 22-year-old artist said that more than a competition, she always thought Viña del Mar was a platform to demonstrate her art.

"I was afraid of losing, but I realized that it was not for that, but rather to showcase my music, my message, to represent my country," she told reporters upon arrival in her country of origin.
Milena Warthon had defeated Chilean Laia and Mexican Fran Di in the competition's final stage.

Her triumph turned her name into a trend by Peruvian users on social media.

"Warmisitay" is an Andean pop rhythm, composed for her grandmother named Teresita.

The Viña del Mar Festival's official Twitter account congratulated Milena Warthon for winning the folklore competition at said prestigious event.

"We congratulate Milena, and we wish that the flight of this Silver Seagull will bring her to new horizons!" a tweet read.


Published: 2/26/2023