Peru's Health Min: Booster dose gap to be reduced to three months

Photo. ANDINA/Andres Valle

Photo. ANDINA/Andres Valle

08:21 | Lima, Dec. 20.

Health Minister Hernando Cevallos on Monday morning announced that people will be able to receive a booster (third) dose of a COVID-19 vaccine three months after their second dose, following the confirmation of 12 cases of the Omicron variant in Peru.

"The interval is going to be reduced from 5 months to 3 months, because it has been proven that the third dose gives up to 75% protection against these variants, so it is advisable to receive this third dose," Cevallos emphasized.

In this regard, he said that all vaccination centers nationwide will be informed of this so that they can receive citizens who go for the booster dose.

"We ask you to be patient until all vaccination sites are ready to respond with the appropriate administration of the booster dose," he remarked.

After noting that COVID-19 vaccines are 90% effective in preventing ICU admission, Cevallos stated that this has been proven in other countries, such as the U.K., where the length of time between getting a second vaccine and a booster dose has already been shortened to three months, without any problems.

"There is also evidence that people who receive a third dose are provided up to 75% protection against these variants. That is why it is advisable to receive the third dose," he stressed.


Published: 12/20/2021
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