Peru's FA Min: Ultimate goal is to vaccinate 24 million citizens against COVID-19

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

12:30 | Lima, Jan. 7.

Foreign Affairs Minister Elizabeth Astete on Thursday affirmed that the ultimate goal is to vaccinate 24 million Peruvians against COVID-19.

In remarks to America Television channel, the minister highlighted the contract signed with the Chinese laboratory Sinopharm for the supply of one million doses this month, which will be the first shipment within the framework of the purchase agreement for 38 million doses.

Additionally, she highlighted the purchase agreement signed with AstraZeneca, in order to get 14 million doses starting September, adding that negotiations are underway with other laboratories developing the vaccine.

"Without a doubt, the ultimate goal is to vaccinate 24 million people," she said.

The high-ranking official remarked that the decision of promoting the vaccine purchase process had to be made as there is a commitment to achieving such goal, and work is underway to do so.

Within the framework of this process, she added, safe and effective vaccines have been sought, and progress is being made in developing the logistics of vaccination.


Published: 1/7/2021
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