Peru's Embassy and Consulates in contact with Peruvian nationals in China

00:00 | Beijing (China), Jan. 31.

Peru's Embassy in China and diverse consulates located in the Asian country keep in contact with Peruvian nationals and remain on alert over the new coronavirus outbreak, the South American country's Foreign Affairs Ministry has reported.

Regarding the seven Peruvian students in Wuhan —the epicenter of the deadly virus outbreak, where transit restrictions have been implemented— Peru's Embassy in China and Consulates monitor their situation closely.

They have expressed willingness to stay in said city and comply with the preventive measures established by the Chinese Government.

As for the students located in Beijing, the Peruvian Embassy in China stays in contact with them and has confirmed they are in good health.

In addition, it persuaded university authorities to see them in person at Beihang University, thus verifying the good conditions of the halls of residence and university canteen.

It must be noted that Beijing has not taken health measures that resulted in food shortage or in risks to Peruvian nationals.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry is in constant contact with the Embassy in Beijing in order to assess the situation of more than 2,500 Peruvians.

Moreover, close coordination is being maintained with the Ministry of Health and the National Superintendence of Migrations to supervise and strengthen health security at entry points in the South American country.


Published: 1/31/2020
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