Peru's elections: Get to know presidential candidates' government plans

09:31 | Lima, Apr. 7.

A total of 18 candidates are running for President of the Republic in the general elections scheduled for April 11 this year.

Their government plans are contained in the election platform of the National Elections Board (JNE). Below is a summary of them.

Government plans

Partido Popular Cristiano
Presidential candidate: Alberto Beingolea

The plan addresses 13 aspects including integrity, prevention, and fight against corruption; strengthening of the health system and COVID-19 control; economic reactivation for prosperous and inclusive growth; environment and sustainable development for economic reactivation and reduction of inequalities; decent, inclusive, safe, and qualified employment, among others.

Renovación Popular
Presidential candidate: Rafael Lopez-Aliaga

The plan sets out strategic objectives, indicators, and goals for 2021-2026 to address issues in social, institutional, economic, and territorial-environmental dimensions.

Perú Patria Segura
Presidential candidate: Rafael Santos

The government plan covers actions, strategies, and goals based on a situational analysis in 18 sectors such as innovation, vulnerable populations, citizen security, the youth, environment, economy, infrastructure, agriculture, among others.

Partido Político Nacional Perú Libre
Presidential candidate: Pedro Castillo

The plan is divided into 21 chapters, including proposals regarding a New Constitution, the economic regime, public schools, public health, transportation and the media, the agrarian policy, the anti-corruption policy, among others.

Frente Amplio por Justicia, Vida y Libertad
Presidential candidate: Marco Arana

The government plan covers strategic objectives, policy measures, and government goals based on the problems identified in social, development and social inclusion, institutional, and economic dimensions.

Victoria Nacional
Presidential candidate: George Forsyth

The plan is divided into four parts, including proposals regarding a more equal society and poverty alleviation; growth from the bottom of the economic pyramid, fight against corruption and transformation of the State, as well as territory and defense of the environment.

Alianza para el Progreso
Presidential candidate: Cesar Acuña

The plan includes proposals for a revolution in democracy, welfare state, production, environment, and territory.

Podemos Perú
Presidential candidate: Daniel Urresti 

The government plan covers goals based on the problems identified in social, institutional, territorial, environmental, and economic dimensions, as well as actions to be carried out during the first 100 days in office in different sectors.

Avanza País - Partido de Integración Social
Presidential candidate: Hernando de Soto 

The government plan outlines proposals on social, economic, environmental and institutional dimensions.

Partido Nacionalista Peruano
Presidential candidate: Ollanta Humala 

The government plan proposes goals to address issues identified in social, economic, and territorial-environmental dimensions.

Democracia Directa
Presidential candidate: Andres Alcantara 

The plan includes actions in six fundamental aspects on issues such as fundamental rights and dignity of people; opportunities and access to services; State and governance; economy, competitiveness, and employment; regional development; as well as natural resources and environment.

Fuerza Popular
Presidential candidate: Keiko Fujimori 

The plan is based on two strategic pillars: i) Economic reactivation, employment generation, business ventures, and productive sectors; and ii) Health, innovation, and scientific research. 

Juntos por el Perú
Presidential candidate: Veronika Mendoza 

The plan covers 18 strategic objectives on various topics, including health and the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as proposals for problems identified in social, economic, environmental, and institutional dimensions.

Renacimiento Unido Nacional
Presidential candidate: Ciro Galvez 

The government plan includes proposals for solutions to the problems identified in social, institutional, economic, and territorial-environmental dimensions.

Acción Popular
Presidential candidate: Yonhy Lescano 

The government plan covers 29 strategic objectives, including proposals for: A New Constitution, economic reactivation, a drastic reduction of economic informality, among others.

Partido Democrático Somos Perú
Presidential candidate: Daniel Salaverry 

The government plan includes proposals in social, institutional, economic-productive, and territorial-environmental dimensions.

Partido Morado
Presidential candidate: Julio Guzman 

The plan proposes government policies on economic stability, management of emergency health systems, citizen security, as well as four republican reforms on knowledge, territory management, economic freedoms, and political institutions.

Unión por el Perú
Presidential candidate: Jose Vega

One of the priorities this government plan is to launch a "Democratic Revolution" for the construction of a new paradigm in the economic, political, social, environmental, military, and cultural fields.
They will also promote the change of the current Constitution via a Constituent Assembly.


Published: 4/7/2021
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