Peru's copper production grew 97% from 2008 to 2019

18:45 | Lima, Feb. 26.

Copper production in Peru went from 1.27 million tons in 2008 to 2.46 million tons in 2019, showing a 97% growth in said period, according to the Mining Investment Guide 2020-2021 prepared by EY audit firm.

The study projects that Peru's copper out is expected to reach nearly 3 million tons this year, which means a growth rate of over 20%.

This level of growth may allow Peru to cement its position as the second largest producer of copper in the world (after Chile), as it may retain this position for five consecutive years by the end of 2020.

In this regard, the company noted that, at present, the national copper production makes up 12% of the global extraction.

In addition, EY stated that Cerro Verde extracted 19.3% of the national copper production in 2019, thus becoming the main copper producer in Peru.

The list continues with Antamina (18.7%), Southern Copper (16.9%), Las Bambas (15.6%), Antapaccay (8%), Chinalco (7.7%), Hudbay (4.6%), El Brocal (1.8%), among others.

It must be noted that 67.6% of Peru's copper shipments go to China, followed by Japan (7.2%), South Korea (6.7%), Germany (3.5%), among others.

Published: 2/26/2020
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