Peru's Caral architecture inspires APEC Peru 2016 logo

Logo APEC 2016

15:50 | Lima, Feb. 03.

The inclusion of Caral Sacred City architecture in APEC Peru 2016 Forum's logo was deemed as "important" by Archaeological Zone Director Ruth Shady.

The researcher noted this initiative conveys a good message, since Peru decided to promote the culture within the framework of the international forum to gather 21 Asia-Pacific economies.

Developed between 3000 and 1800 BC, the ancient Peruvian civilization gained knowledge of agronomy, climatology, engineering, medicine and other sciences. Nowadays, it is considered Latin America's oldest civilization.

Caral is located in the Supe Valley, 20 km away from the Pacific Ocean.
In 2009, the ancient city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thanks to this recognition, the archaeological site started to welcome a major flow of tourists from all over the world. 


Published: 2/3/2016