Peru's 2021 elections: All polling station members to be given COVID-19 vaccine priority

Photo: ANDINA/Diana Marcelo

Photo: ANDINA/Diana Marcelo

15:11 | Lima, Feb. 25.

Peruvian Health Minister Oscar Ugarte on Thursday confirmed that all polling station members will be vaccinated against COVID-19 on a priority basis, in recognition of their civic service during this year's general elections.

In an interview with Panamericana TV channel, the government official affirmed that polling station members will be immunized as new batches of the COVID-19 vaccine arrive in the country.

"Everyone will be vaccinated as a priority in recognition of the civic act they are carrying out," he pointed out.

The minister emphasized that the guidelines to protect polling station members during the elections are defined by a protocol that was previously established, which includes personal protective equipment, face masks, and disinfection.

These are international standard requirements applied to the pandemic situation during electoral processes in countries such as the United States and Ecuador.

According to the high-ranking official, in no case was vaccination set as a precondition, but polling station members in Peru will be given priority for vaccination in recognition of their civic service in benefit of the country.

On February 18, the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) published the final list of 518,928 polling station members and alternate members for the general elections scheduled for April 11.

It must be noted that polling station members who perform their duties on Election Day will each receive a financial reward of S/120 (about US$33).

This incentive will be paid in both the first and second rounds.


Published: 2/25/2021
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