Peru: Women spend more time on internet than men

09:37 | Lima, Oct. 24.

Peruvian digital users spend an average of 25 hours per month online, and 67.6% of total minutes on the Internet are consumed by women, comScore in Latin America's study has revealed.

According to The Peruvian Consumer: Digitally Multiplatform and Cross-Media Report, the remaining 32.4% correspond to men.

However, 56.2% of the total digital Peruvian population is male, whereas 43.8% is female. 

Likewise, the Inca country has the highest number of young users in the region. Users between 15 and 24 years represent 30% of the total digital population

Furthermore, 58% of the total smartphone and tablet users are composed of men. This is higher than the average divided by gender in Latin America. 

Peruvians spend six hours per month on entertainment sites. Out of the total, Spotify leads the ranking of platforms based on single users. 


Published: 10/24/2019
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