Peru: WBG and IMF Meetings to generate economic activity worth over US$12 million

Centro Financiero.Foto: ANDINA/Carlos Lezama

Centro Financiero.Foto: ANDINA/Carlos Lezama

16:46 | Lima, Sep. 22.

Peru hosting the Annual Meetings of World Bank Group (WBG) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) will lead to generating an economic flow worth at least US$12 million during the corresponding 8-day period, Finance Minister Alonso Segura affirmed on Tuesday.

The flow will result from the to-be-conducted economic activity related to accommodations, transport, food and staff recruitment, among others.

"It is difficult to quantify the indirect impact of holding these meetings in Peru, but it will be of great relevance for the country," Segura told.

During the week-long event, Lima will welcome over 12,000 foreign visitors from around the world.

"These are the greatest economic and financial leader meetings [...], being Lima the headquarters on this year," he expressed.


Published: 9/22/2015
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