Peru: Visitors crowd Lima cemeteries on All Saints' Day (Photo Gallery)

17:21 | Lima, Nov. 1.

For all the traditions that it entails, November 1 or All Saints' Day is a celebration that occupies a special place in the hearts of Peruvian nationals and today was not the exception as a large number of people have been seen in cemeteries throughout the capital city.

Since early in the morning, crowds have arrived at different gravesites across Lima and Callao (the nearby port city) to honor their dead on All Saints' Day.

As every year, the most visited graveyards are El Angel in El Agustino district and Nueva Esperanza in Villa Maria del Triunfo district, the latter being the second-largest cemetery in the world, after Wadi al-Salam in Iraq.

Other burial grounds include Baquijano in Callao, Presbitero Maestro in Barrios Altos (a suburb of Lima district), and Parque del Recuerdo in Puente Piedra district.

With flowers, rosary beads, candles, musical instruments and even alcoholic beverages on their hands, visitors pay their respects to relatives and friends right in front of their graves.


Published: 11/1/2019
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