Peru: Valuable Inca aryballos found in Cusco

15:22 | Paruro (Cusco region), Jul. 27.

Police officers hold in custody an aryballos —presumably of Inca origin— which was found by a local while undertaking land-clearing works with an agricultural tractor in the rural community of Tihuicthy, located in Paruro Province (Cusco region).

According to Marcelina Achahui Solano, her son Abran Quispe Achahui was clearing land on his farm, located in the Huirccuro locality of the rural community of Tihuicthy, when he found the aryballos on July 23.

After that, the ceramic artifact was kept by Mariano Olivares Quispe.

Following an alert, the police spotted Olivares, a native of Huanoquite, who was asked to hand over the object. The latter was then taken to the police station, where it remains in custody.

According to the characteristics, the aryballos is dark red, features rhombus motifs in the center, has two handles on the sides and a conical base. 

In addition, its base and rim measure 10 cm and 6cm in diameter, respectively.

The events were reported to the provincial prosecutor in Paruro, who stipulated the opening of a preliminary investigation and provided that the Regional Directorate for Culture shall be reported to open the corresponding archaeological investigation.


Published: 7/27/2020
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