Peru uninvites Nicolas Maduro to Summit of the Americas

Nicolás Maduro. Foto: AFP

Nicolás Maduro. Foto: AFP

10:18 | Lima, Feb. 16.

The Peruvian Government has withdrawn the invitation previously extended to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to attend the 8th Summit of the Americas taking place in Lima in April.

In a letter addressed to Venezuela's Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza, Peru's Foreign Affairs Ministry explains the decision is based on the Declaration of Quebec City, adopted during the 3rd Summit of the Americas back in 2001.
Said declaration states that "any unconstitutional alteration or interruption of the democratic order in a State of the Hemisphere constitutes an insurmountable obstacle to the participation of that State's government in the Summit of the Americas process."

The letter is signed by Peruvian Foreign Affairs Minister Cayetana Aljovin, who had previously announced the decision following a meeting of the Lima Group in the Peruvian capital. 

According to the senior official, the Peruvian Government's decision was backed by foreign affairs ministers and representatives of the Group. 

Prime Minister Mercedes Araoz on Thursday affirmed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro will not even be able to enter Peruvian airspace, in response to President's recent statements over his unwelcome presence in the country.

Maduro said he would participate in the event "come rain, thunder or lightning."


Published: 2/16/2018
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