Peru, UN sign new Cooperation Framework worth US$180 million

Photo: ANDINA/Andres Valle

Photo: ANDINA/Andres Valle

15:00 | Lima, Sep. 7.

Peruvian Foreign Affairs Minister Oscar Maurtua and United Nations Resident Coordinator Igor Garafulic on Tuesday signed the new UN Cooperation Framework for Sustainable Development in Peru (2022-2026 term) for an amount of US$180 million in a ceremony held at Lima-based Torre Tagle Palace.

This way, Peru continues to boost international technical cooperation that complements national efforts to reduce existing gaps and vulnerabilities in order to achieve economic, social, and environmental recovery.
The Framework will allow international technical cooperation (ITC) to be received during the 2022-2026 term —an amount that could increase significantly as the work plans and country program are finalized in each sector.
It must be noted that the preceding framework (2017-2021 term) allowed the management of more than 200 projects supported by cooperation estimated at US$390 million, with more than US$85 million being executed in 2020 alone.
The document establishes four Strategic Priorities:
1. Well-being of people and equal access to opportunities.
2. Management of the environment, climate change, and disaster risk.
3. Competitiveness and productivity to improve access to means of sustainable lives.
4. Effective democratic governance and equitable exercise of citizenship.

All of them are aimed at improving the quality of life of Peruvians, especially the most vulnerable ones.
The signing took place as part of the UN's fruitful cooperation in Peru and will allow the development of work plans of agencies, funds, and programs of said organization in the South American country.


Published: 9/7/2021
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