Peru: Toledo's defense arguments won't lead to reversing solid extradition decision

Photo: ANDINA/Carlos Lezama

Photo: ANDINA/Carlos Lezama

15:07 | Lima, Feb. 24.

Department for International Judicial Cooperation and Extraditions Chief at the Peruvian Attorney General's Office, Alfredo Rebaza, on Friday affirmed that the arguments raised by former President Alejandro Toledo's legal defense team will not be able to reverse a decision as solid as the approval of his (future) extradition by the United States.

Prosecutor Rebaza indicated that the extradition decision was already analyzed by U.S. authorities during the judicial stage. In this sense, the magistrate noted that there is also a State decision for him to be extradited, thus strengthening Peru's position.

"The (legal) defense (of Alejandro Toledo) is free to argue whatever it deems (necessary). However, there is already a decision that we understand will have to be executed. We think those arguments do not have the strength to reverse such a solid decision, after an assessment by the respective instances in accordance with the U.S. extradition process," he said in remarks to Canal N.

Similarly, the prosecutor specified that, following the decision by U.S. justice, there were three options for former President Toledo.

Within this framework, the first option was to turn himself in to authorities, the second not to do so, and the third to dispute the decision of granting his extradition to Peru.

"Alejandro Toledo opted for the third option. Thus, his defense (team) filed an appeal yesterday. It was evaluated by U.S.  justice. In this sense, the case must be presented on February 27 and then enter a debate stage, which would take place between February 8 and March 15, although these dates may vary depending on the judge," he indicated.

In this sense, Rebaza specified that the extradition was suspended so that the request from the legal defense team is supported and decided in a higher-ranking court.

"We would have to wait for what happens after March 15 once the debate concludes and wait for the judge's decision on this opposition from Alejandro Toledo's legal defense," he explained.

Rebaza said that, after deciding on the request from the ex-president's legal defense, U.S. authorities will notify Peru, which must indicate who is in charge of executing the handing over and subsequent arrival of Toledo in the South American country.

Alejandro Toledo —who resides in the U.S.— is being investigated by the Peruvian justice for having allegedly received a bribe worth nearly US$32 million from the Brazilian Odebrecht company to favor it in the bidding for the Interoceanic Highway while he was President of the Republic (2001-2006).


Published: 2/24/2023