Peru to lead economic growth in region between 2020-2023

11:16 | Lima, Sep. 5.

Peru will expand 4.4% —in average— between 2020 and 2023, thus posting a higher rate than those of Colombia (3.4%), Chile (3.1%), Brazil (2.5%), and Mexico (2.1%), the Economy and Finance Ministry (MEF) has projected.

"Peru will be one of the economies with the highest growth (rates) in the region in the upcoming years," MEF Head Carlos Oliva expressed.

According to MEF, this outcome would be underpinned by domestic demand (4.4%). 

This year 

Likewise, MEF projected the Inca country will lead economic growth in the region in 2019, as it will grow 3% along with Colombia. 

They will be followed by Chile (2.8%), Mexico (1.1%), and Brazil (1%). 

Furthermore, the portfolio underlined Peru relies on solid macroeconomic foundations to face the complex international context. 

In this sense, it mentioned there is an adverse international environment due to the trade tensions between the United States and China. 


Published: 9/5/2019
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