Peru: Textile exports grew 5.71% in Jan-Nov 2017



00:10 | Lima, Jan. 9.

Peruvian textile exports expanded 5.71% in the January-November period 2017, mainly underpinned by higher shipments of carded fine alpaca hair, Peru's Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) reported.

This way, Peru's textile exports value increased from US$1.090 billion (Jan-Nov 2016) to US$1.153 billion (Jan-Nov 2017).

The result was driven by combed fine alpaca hair sales, which experienced a 109.58% rise, going from US$32.574 million (Jan-Nov 2016) to US$68.271 million (Jan-Nov 2017).

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According to PromPeru, shipments of undershirts and cotton t-shirts —for men and women— also contributed to the good performance of Peru's textile exports in 2017's January-November period.

Thus, undershirt sales abroad totaled US$57.340 million, a 17.16% rise from the same period in 2016 (US$48.940 million).

Likewise, cotton t-shirt exports grew 13.53% by increasing from US$118.931 million (Jan-Nov 2016) to US135.021 million (Jan-Nov 2017).

In the analyzed period, wool yarn and knitted cotton shirt shipments also expanded 10.57% and 10.42%, respectively.


The United States, Brazil, and Ecuador stood among main destinations for Peruvian textile products.

In this sense, Inca textile shipments to the United States amounted to US$571.919 million between January and November 2017, a 3.23% expansion from the same period the previous year (US$554.047 million).

Peru's textile sales to Brazil rose 19.51% from US$42.953 million (Jan-Nov 2016) to US$51.333 million (Jan-Nov 2017).

Additionally, textile exports to Ecuador experienced an 18.61% growth by rising from US$48.115 million to US$57.070 million.

Other destinations for Peruvian textile products were Bolivia (+8.21%), Chile (+7.32%), and Argentina (+6.29%). 

It must be noted textile exports accounted for 2.91% of the country's total shipments overseas in the January-November period in 2017.


Published: 1/9/2018
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