Peru: Soon-to-be PM seeks permanent dialogue with Parliament

13:51 | Lima, Apr. 2.

Cesar Villanueva, appointed Prime Minister, on Monday said he will promote dialogue with all political forces in Parliament in pursuit of a common agenda to address key issues such as education, health, and economy.

"We are going to hold talks with everyone, no matter the political affiliation. We seek a common agenda between Congress and Government to seek consensus on key points," he told local radio station Exitosa.

According to Villanueva, President Vizcarra's administration needs to implement some reforms that require Parliament's approval.

"We are going to engage in permanent dialogue with Parliament. I'm not scared that people will say we are holding talks with (opposition parties) Fuerza Popular, APRA or left-wing leaders," he affirmed.

Villanueva asserted that both he and President Vizcarra would like to talk with all political leaders.


Published: 4/2/2018
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