Peru soccer team wins bronze medal at Copa America 2015

20:48 | Concepcion (Chile), Jul. 03.

The Peruvian national adult soccer squad reached the third position on the podium after having defeated its Paraguayan counterpart by a (2-0) score at the Copa America Chile 2015 tournament.

During the first half, the Peruvian team did not generate many clear opportunities.

However, once the second half kicked off (47th minute) Andre Carrillo found the ball in the Paraguayan area and brought the first goal into the stadium.
Later, in the 88th minute, an amazing counter-attack led by Andre Carrillo moved the ball to Joel Sanchez, who ran on the right side of the field and granted a pass to Peruvian top striker, Paolo Guerrero, whose feet turned it into the second goal.

In this sense, the "Predator" scored his 4th goal in the tournament, which could turn him into the championship's top-scorer.

It must be noted in the previous edition of this tournament (2011) Peru also managed to reach the third position.

Perú: Pedro Gallese, Luis Advíncula, Christian Ramos, Carlos Ascues, Juan Manuel Vargas, Josepmir Ballón, Carlos Lobatón, Christian Cueva, André Carrillo, Yordy Reyna and Paolo Guerrero. Coach: Ricardo Gareca.

Paraguay: Justo Villar, Marcos Cáceres, Paulo da Silva, Pablo Aguilar, Miguel Samudio, Víctor Cáceres, Osvaldo Martínez, Néstor Ortigoza, Oscar Romero, Raúl Bobadilla and Lucas Barrios. Coach: Ramón Díaz.


Published: 7/3/2015
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