Peru signs agreement for air transport of COVID-19 vaccine



13:38 | Lima, Jan. 18.

Health Minister Pilar Mazzetti reported that Peru has signed an agreement for air transport of the COVID-19 vaccine, which must be carried out in properly-equipped aircraft and special containers.

The agreement was reached with the participation of private companies.

The minister noted that, according to information provided by China's laboratory Sinopharm, one million COVID-19 vaccines are available and the export permit is being processed in China.

"Likewise, Peru has received a first set of Sinopharm's documents required for the conditional health registration, and the full information will be shared in the coming days," she said.

According to the health sector's head, the price of the vaccines cannot be disclosed in this commercial transaction because of confidentiality issues.

She went on to say that confidentiality agreements are executed around the world, and, for companies, this information is part of the trade secret, which is stipulated in the Peruvian Constitution.

"COVAX Facility is not a State and negotiates differently. If they disclose the prices, it is because they are authorized to do so. But no country in the world has disclosed the prices of the vaccines," she expressed.

Mazzetti remarked that a series of meetings have been held between the coordinators and the director of immunizations regarding the distribution of vaccines and that several strategies have been presented at Congress for the vaccination of health workers.


Published: 1/18/2021
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